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Indiana University Chemistry REU

Summer-2016 REU: Nick Shuber from Georgia Southern University spent 10 weeks in our lab working with Irina on VLP - based nanolaser. He also presented a poster at 3rd Annual Symposium on Materials Research at IU.

IGERT: Neutron Scattering Applications in Structural Biology

Summer Scholar STEM Academy: Research Description

Summer-2015 Scholars Esayas Kiros and Nardos Tadele from Jackson State University conducting research in the Dragnea group as a part of the STEM SSI initiative. Check video for more information about program.

Atomic Force Nanoindentation model

We have built an AFM toy model as a project for educating undergraduate students in the way such microscopes can be used to determine the mechanical properties of viruses. The stiffness of the model virus is being studied comparatively for different indentation geometries and types of capsids.

Phyllotaxis growth model [Coming Soon]